StageHand 13.0 APK Download For Free Latest Version

StageHand 13.0 APK Download For Free Latest Version
Apk Name : StageHand
Version : 13.0
APP ID : com.exposure101.stagehand
Requires Android : Android 2.2+
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Description of StageHand :

StageHand is an application that allows easy dip switch and light beam calculations for stage hands or anyone with an interest in lighting equipment. We have added a bunch of tools and reference materials, like a color calculator, pin outs, watts to amps converter, and more.

we removed ads so now this is the exact same app as stagehand pro – if you want to help us out feel free to buy the “StageHand Pro” app.

**Permissions for Internet and Network access will be used shortly when we add more gels**

NOTE – i’m sorry if anybodys having issues with language translation – i’m getting some weird packaging errors with roboguice and the internationalization stuff – i’m trying to get this fixed right now

Leko, beam, degree, ETC, barrel, distance, throw, lighting, stage, theatre, calculator, dip switch, dip switch calculator, dmx calculator, dmx, xlr, pinouts, pinout, lee, rosco, gam, gel, color, swatch, comparison
****Must uninstall old version first****
added rosco gel swatches
added initial metric distances to voltage dropoff – still need common european voltages
started adding internationalization – hitting some issues with roboguice

got rid of phonegap and made the app native again
added gel swatch comparison
added gel list for gam and lee
removed ads since… well ads are lame and we dropped the ball on that last one


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