Juliet – SMS Control System (Command Suite) APK Download For Free Latest Version

Juliet – SMS Control System Command Suite APK Download For Free Latest Version
Apk Name : Juliet – SMS Control System (Command Suite)
Version :
APP ID : com.argonremote.juliet
Requires Android : Android 4.0+
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Description of Juliet – SMS Control System (Command Suite) :

All-In-One Control Suite: Everything you need in one app

Juliet exploits the potential of smartphones to deliver simple services.

How it works: Services, Remote and Local Control

Juliet is a Command and Control suite.
Each command can be:

Configured as a Service (Services based on SMS keyword / SMS sender / generic SMS): The services allow you to bind complex tasks to simple references (keywords or phone numbers).
For example, by associating a command to the keyword “juliet”, anyone can run it by sending an SMS containing the same keyword.
The services based on SMS sender, instead, are useful to bind tasks to specific users.
Sent via SMS (remote execution): Juliet is a system able to process information transmitted via SMS to perform tasks.
Run locally: Services list, shortcuts, voice commands…

Broaden your horizons

Imagine, you can use Juliet to:

Configure SMS Forwarding services (via email or SMS)
Configure Autoresponder services (via email or SMS)
Receive and send Location updates, Last known locations (Google Maps, Street View)
Record a Route (Google Maps, Earth)
Turn a smartphone into a Remote Camera: You can take pictures remotely and receive them by mail
Quickly send Photos by mail
Start a Remote Audio Recording
Record and email Voice-notes
Save SMS Templates which can be sent your security system to arm or disarm areas, operate outputs, unlock doors, check SIM balance or to check system status. This means you will have the ability remotely control your system anywhere you have mobile coverage
Get Alarms or perform Tasks if Motion is detected
Send email remotely by sending requests to other users
Configure services to automatically send Files
Receive Automatic Calls from other devices: listen to the sound of the surrounding environment remotely
Play Audio files remotely to make funny pranks 🙂
Receive Battery Alerts
Open Apps remotely
Turn on / off Wi-Fi
Turn on / off Flash
Switch to Silent, Vibrate and Normal audio profile
• … and much more!


No root
No need to register, create accounts
Performing tasks in background
Command configuration modes: You can use the quick configurations or the command list to configure a new service
Privacy: No information is public or stored in an online database

IMPORTANT: Some apps (booster, cache cleaner, antivirus…) may restart running services to free up resources.
These apps could even kill running services.
This extremely aggressive behavior could compromise the functioning of this app.

What to do if the app does not work
• Some antiviruses may block execution in the background. Check the security settings of your antivirus
• Check the system security settings
• Check that the system has not denied permissions to the app

If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to email us at argondeviant@gmail.com

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– Standard user services limit extension
– Minor bug fixes


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