Free Download Suica and IC Card reader APK Latest Version

Free Download Suica and IC Card reader APK Latest Version
Apk Name : Suica and IC Card reader
Version :
APP ID : net.mediavrog.ic_card_expensetracker
Requires Android :
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Description of Suica and IC Card reader :

The Suica/Pasmo reader and ledger tracking your expenses with a touch.

* Suikakeibo let’s you see your recent trips and keep track of all your IC card expenses with a simple touch.
* Find a colourful history with all the original line colours and check on your monthly spending.
* Always see what’s left on your card and never get the buzzer at the gate again
* Nice for travellers: The app as well as all the station information is available in Japanese and English.
* [Premium] add your commuters pass and get a reminder before it expires – no more wasted money

[Supported IC cards]
Suikakeibo currently supports the scanning of all major Japanese IC commuter cards. We tested the following cards:
* Suica (スイカ)
* PASMO (パスモ)
* Sapica (サピカ、Sapporo)
* Kitaca (キタカ、Hokkaido)
* Icoca (イコカ)

Other similar cards like manaca (マナカ), nimoca (ニモカ), PiTaPa (ピタパ), Sugoca (スゴカ), TOICA (トイカ), hayakaken (ハヤカケン) etc should work just fine as well.
To be tested: IruCa (イルカ)

Electronic money cards:
* edy
* nanaco
are also supported.

[Main features]
* scan a variety of IC cards and see the latest trips including station and line information
* save the cards you want to keep track of, give them a name and choose the design
* add notes to every trip to help you remember
* scan a saved card again and new trips will be added to the history automatically
* see the recent history and statistics, even without scanning the card again
* get a monthly notification about your expenses
* add widgets to always give you quick access to your current balance

The app is available for NFC-enabled Android devices starting with Android 4.

If you have trouble scanning, please take note of the following:
* each device has it’s sweet spot, where scanning a card works best. Take your time to figure it out once, then you will be able to scan easily in the future
* hold your card and phone steady for a few seconds while scanning

[Support and Help]
If you need further help, please contact us at, since we are not able to provide proper support to Play Store Comments / Ratings. Also please see the app website to find more info and FAQ.

If you like this app, please leave a nice review in the store. Thanks for your support!


* Kitaca is a registered trademark of Hokkaido Railway Company.
* PASMO is a registered trademark of PASMO Co., Ltd.
* Suica is a registered trademark of East Japan Railway Company.
* manaca is a registered trademark of Nagoya Transportation Development Organization Co., Ltd. and M.I.C. Corp.
* TOICA is a registered trademark of Central Japan Railway Company.
* PiTaPa is a registered trademark of Surutto Kansai.
* ICOCA is a registered trademark of West Japan Railway Company.
* Hayakaken is a registered trademark of Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau.
* nimoca is a registered trademark of Nishi-Nippon Railroad.
* Sugoca is a registered trademark of Kyushu Railway Company.
Found a bug? Need help? Mail before leaving a rating.

* Improved scan intro

* Improved support for export files with Chinese characters on Windows

* FAQ/Help page to English for non-Japanese phones

* mark trips as company expense; allows you to export only company expenses for reimbursement
* integrated push notifications

* Add option to export notes in CSV
* bugfixes


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