Free Download Nanakshahi Calendar (Original) 1.02 APK Latest Version

Free Download Nanakshahi Calendar Original 1.02 APK Latest Version
Apk Name : Nanakshahi Calendar (Original)
Version : 1.02
APP ID : com.ncal
Requires Android : Android 2.2+
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Description of Nanakshahi Calendar (Original) :

This is the Nanakshahi Calendar (Original), as approved by the SGPC and Akal Takht in 2003. All Sikh festival and
other notable dates are shown for the years 2003-2020.

Dropdown menus allow one to choose a year, a month, or the language in which to display the data. An entire month is shown, and one can scroll left and right in the display area. The two languages for display are currently English and Panjabi.

When the application is first started, it opens to the current date as set in your device. The current day will be
highlighted in yellow. When one browses to another month, or year, and then returns to the current month and year,
this highlighted current day will again be in the initial view area.

For the years 2003-2020, a link is shown on the day that Guru Nanak’s Parkash falls on. If that link is touched, a background article about Guru Nanak’s Parkash will be downloaded to your device from Pal S. Purewal’s
website (see below), to be viewed through an Adobe Acrobat viewer.

In addition, for the years 2013-2020, new moons and full moons are shown on their appropriate days, for
informational purposes only. When the icon for a moon is touched, a small informational pop-up is shown.

Note that the Nanakshahi Calendar (Original) has desi months as follows:
Chet, Vaisakh, Jeth, Harh, Sawan – 31 days
Bhadon, Assu, Katik, Maghar, Poh, Magh – 30 days
Phagun – 30 or 31 days (if a leap year)

Note also that the Nanakshahi Samvat – new year – always starts on Chet 1, which is March 14.

If you have any comments, problems or suggestions about this application please email Mr. Purewal at

For numerous articles and other information related to the Nanakshahi Calendar, visit Mr. Purewal’s website,
(1) ‘Lohri’ was missing in English; this was added.
(2) A bug related to ‘Hola Muhalla’ for Panjabi was fixed.
(3) A bug related to the display of Chet and Bhadon in
Panjabi was fixed.


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