Free Download Dreamkeepers APK Latest Version

Free Download Dreamkeepers APK Latest Version
Apk Name : Dreamkeepers
Version :
APP ID : net.latticerose.dreamkeepers
Requires Android : Android 4.0+
By :
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Description of Dreamkeepers :

If you love Dreamkeepers, and know people who you think would love it as well, you’ll most likely understand one of the reasons it’s so hard to share it – no one really has the time to sit down in front of a computer to read it, and the website – although beautiful – does not lend itself well to a mobile environment. This app seeks to fix that problem.

Released with the approval of Dave and Liz, this app is a quick-launch solution, allowing you to access the Dreamkeepers Prelude and Graphic novel archive, formatted for a mobile device.

– Fully dismiss-able navigational button-based UI
– Navigate page-by-page, or go jump to specific pages
– Bookmark your favorite pages, name them whatever you like
– Automatically updated end-page information so you can jump immediately to current
– Optional notifications to alert you to a new Prelude or Graphic Novel page
– Tic-Tac-Toe with… Grunn?

Russian translation work done by AlexFR, Beshbarmax, and Lexerus. Huge thank you to Hilfe for Beta testing. You guys are awesome!~

All graphics regarding Dreamkeepers were created and provided by Vivid Publishing
FaceBook logo property of Facebook
DeviantArt logo property of DeviantArt
Alrighty then:
Added scavenger hunt extensions
Added themes
Added stock bookmark buttons
Added FULL Russian localization – HUGE thank you to AlexFR, Beshbarmax, and Lexerus for their translation work! Amazing job, and super cool dudes
Fixed small screen layout problem
Apparently you can navigate by arrow keys? Didn’t know that, but you can.


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