Free Download 1400 Calorie Diet Plan 1.0 APK Latest Version

Free Download 1400 Calorie Diet Plan 1.0 APK Latest Version
Apk Name : 1400 Calorie Diet Plan
Version : 1.0
Requires Android : Android 2.0+
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Description of 1400 Calorie Diet Plan :

1400 Calorie Diet Plan app is one more well balanced weight loss method by CM PROJECT. This app provides you with the seven day meal plan which can be continued after seven days simply by randomizing listed meals and menus, or by making your own weight loss plan. Most important is not to consume meals that contains more than 1400 calorie per day. As long as you have not exceed the daily 1400 calorie intake, you can eat even your favorite dishes. It means that you can substitute here listed meals with the others of same caloric value. 1400 Calorie Diet Plan is an healthy weight loss system because of the vitamins, proteins and good carbohydrates included in this 7 day menu suggestion. It is also very popular and very effective weight loss system because the food intake is split in six or seven meals per day so you won’t feel hunger throughout the day. Morning, afternoon and evening snacks, even coffee and tea are also included in this menus.
By this 1400 Calorie Diet Plan you should be able to loose two to four kilogram (4.4 to 6.6 lbs) of fat in first week and, if you decide to stick to it, even more in every next week.
Except this 1400 Calorie Diet Plan app provides you with carefully balanced seven day menus as well as tips to boost your weight loss process.

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