Download Glowing Live Wallpapers 1.5 APK Latest For Free

Download Glowing Live Wallpapers 1.5 APK Latest For Free

App Information of Glowing Live Wallpapers

App Name Glowing Live Wallpapers
Package Name com.livewallpapersfree.glowinglivewallpapers
Version 1.5
Rating 4.4 ( 1,287 )
Requirement Android 4.2 and up
Updated 2017-12-28
Installs 100,000 - 500,000

Description of Glowing Live Wallpapers

Imagine that you have the best glitteringbackgrounds ever. The flaming orange flower is in the center ofyour screen. It is the only bright spot in the blackness. It cansymbolize that all the difficult periods have an end and that eachproblem has the solution. As soon as you download free the topGlowing Live Wallpapers app you will discover that fact. See thepointy petals made of bright dots and admire the artist thatcreated this masterpiece of art. Embellish the screen of your phonewith new photos. You are walking down the streets but it is so darkthat you cannot see clearly where you are going. Unlock your deviceand use the glowing backgrounds as the light. Your mood willimprove when you look at the bloom that reminds you of daisy. Ithas long petals and sparkling stars embellish the scenery aroundit. Feel like you are in a fairy tale and each time you unlock yourdevice you will be thrilled with this popular picture. It willdecorate your tablet wonderfully. You have decided to walk alongthe coast of the brilliant lake by the moonlight. Suddenly you seeincredible soap bubbles rising from the surface. One of them is inthe shape of the tear that carries the most beautiful flower thathas only five wide petals. The colors that paint this landscape arebrilliant. You immediately forget all your worries and problems andescape the real life. With the latest Glowing Live Wallpapers youcan show-off with the exclusive photos and all of your friends willenvy you.
Select from several different themes and enjoy the favorite oneevery time you unlock your device. Feel like the sun is burning hotand painting with the flaming red the surroundings. Nothing can beseen except the star and the strong rays that spread from it. Theircolor is yellow and it brings balance to this image and to yourlife. Show-off with the best Glowing Live Wallpapers and everybodywill appreciate your artistic taste. Add cool moving objects likebubbles and balloons and they will make the screen of your phonemore spectacular. The curly white stem brings you the most delicateflowers you have ever seen. The magnificent pink and turquoise fogspreads behind them. It looks like somebody is sprinkling them withglittering particles. There is even a sparkling star on the top.Browse the pictures and find the one that attracts your attentionthe most and beautify your tablet with it.
Give your phone a brand new look with the top Glowing LiveWallpapers. Prepare for a romantic date and put another home screenon your device. The radiant green stems and leaves illuminate thesurroundings and the curtain behind. The magnificent blue flowerembellishes the landscape in the lovely way. Your beloved one willbe surprised with this cute image. Find cool moving objects likeleaves, hearts as well as water drops that can move on your screenall the time and make it even more special. Select the picture youlike and tap once to preview the photo and hold to set it as thebackground. The landscape is bathing in the moonlight. Downloadfree the latest Glowing Live Wallpapers application and beimpressed with the glittering pink butterflies that fly above thesparkling flowers.
How to use the app:
o Go to settings and enable slide show option
o Browse the photos and select the one you like the most
o Just hold to set it as the background
o Choose your favorite moving object and adjust its speed andnumber
o Enjoy the amazing live wallpapers and show them to everyone


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