Anime live wallpaper (HD video animation) 1.1.6 APK Download For Free Latest Version

Anime live wallpaper HD video animation 1.1.6 APK Download For Free Latest Version
Apk Name : Anime live wallpaper (HD video animation)
Version : 1.1.6
Requires Android : Android 4.1+
By : Creative apps and wallpapers
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Description of Anime live wallpaper (HD video animation) :

Rycon is a god of destruction of Saiyan origins. He is the main student of the original sayan, Ardos, one of the five strongest entities in the Multiverse.
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Being a God of destruction possesses the power of Hakai but, surprisingly, proves to have powers contrary to those of a Hakaishin, in fact in the fan-fiction shows to have the ability to treat their allies. Born to become the God of the destruction of the 14th universe, he was imprisoned by the High Priest together with his allies ( Dark Saiyan Team ), during a war preceding the events that occurred in the current series of Dragon anime. He returns to the saga-fanfiction, where he appears to be the god of the most powerful destruction of the Multiverse, able to approach the enormous power of Zeno and that of the High Priest Daishinkan.

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Static image artwork by Maniaxoi:

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