Aliens vs Bugs: TD Strategy 1.0.1 APK Download For Free Latest Version

Aliens vs Bugs TD Strategy 1.0.1 APK Download For Free Latest Version
Apk Name : Aliens vs Bugs: TD Strategy
Version : 1.0.1
APP ID : com.mawges.rts.strategy.aliens.vs.bugs.colony.tower.defense
Requires Android : Android 2.3.4+
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Description of Aliens vs Bugs: TD Strategy :

Those little guys just want to live peacefully on their planet. But greedy, nasty bugs won’t leave them alone. You are the Defender. You are their only chance to survive.

Aliens vs Bugs is a mix of RTS & tower defense games.

• Create different alien units to defend your base
• Choose your strategy carefully to gain more diamonds
• Buy upgrades to make your units more powerful
• Nice, cartoon graphics you can enjoy while playing
• Cute, cheerful music adding charm to your game
• Various achievements you can gain
• Online defenders leaderboard
• Google Play Game Services

Your goal is to survive as long as you can by defending your base with various alien / ufo units you may spawn.
To spawn units you need coins that generate automatically.
Coins income is increased with time passed in current match and by upgrading your colony.
At the beginning of battle invaders spawn slowly but the longer your battle lasts the more enemies are spawned.
In your war against bugs you may use towers (in addition to defender units) that may be built on mushrooms after you create engineer. Towers have more hit points and damage than aliens.
After every battle your diamonds are added to total sum of diamonds that may be used to buy upgrades. They are extremely helpful during your war, especially when combined with proper guard tactics.

If Google Play Games are enabled then amount of diamonds earned in battle (score) is submitted to online leaderboard.
Gameplay is optimized for mobile RTS / Tactics / Tower defense.
The invasion is infinite, the longer you guard your colony the better defender you are.
You have to choose best strategy for when to create ufo and how much.

Unlike other games of this type, there are no limits regarding units amount what makes it one of the best strategy games in terms of being insane.

War becomes hardcore after some time (there are thousands of bugs and aliens) so if your game stutter you may not have enough efficient device ( at all we aimed to make unique limitless best strategy game 😉 ).

If you like casual RTS & wall / tower defense games, you’ll like Aliens vs Bugs.
Game may seem hard during few first battles, but the more you fight the stronger your ufo army & guard tactic skills become.
Dive into little ufo world and defend aliens colony from the massive bugs invasion.

We wanted to make one of the best strategy games, it’s not another match-something game calling itself strategy. This one requires realtime tactic skills from user.

Guard your colony and show your enemies who’s hero defender.
Enjoy your epic war against bugs.

Tower defense is a subcategory of real time strategy war game (RTS).
This genre may be also referred as Wall Defense type of Defender games.

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